Innovative Systems for a Smarter Agriculture


Install our IoT wireless devices exactly where you need them and start collecting fine-grained data


Our cloud platform uses machine learning and ultra-local models to predict local crop conditions

Monitor and Control

Our services support farmers in taking the best decisions to increase resource savings and improve the quality of production

About us

Tessa develops innovative solutions and services for precision agriculture by applying the latest results of research and experimentation in the field of IoT technologies to the agricultural domain. Our solution leverages wireless battery-operated devices which collect field data with high granularity in combination with ultra-local models and machine learning to predict local crop conditions and assist farmers in taking the best decisions. We aim to help farmers shape the future of agriculture towards increased sustainability, by adopting solutions that increase crop yields and food quality while reducing agricultural inputs and preserving natural resources.

Tessa is a spin-off of FBK research institute in Italy.

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